May 11, 2021

When we all become an NFT with Nick Chan

When we all become an NFT with Nick Chan

Nick Chan, Co-Founder of Refinable, discusses NFTs, Refinable's mission to democratize the NFT Industry, the Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem, the future of NFTs, and much more.

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My guest today is my friend, Nicholas Chan, co-founder of Refinable, the first major NFT marketplace on BSC, empowering both individual creators and beloved brands to easily and affordably create, discover, trade, and leverage NFTs. As one of the first NFT marketplace on Binance Smart Chain, the Refinable ecosystem allows Creators, Collectors, and Traders to engage with rare tokenized content on an ultra-fast and low-cost network. By leveraging NFT's provable scarcity and transferability, Refinable provides its users with an intuitive and no-code trading experience for all digital goods. Nick has been a crypto enthusiast since early 2015, previously, he has worked on ecommerce and tech startups from hospitality to gaming. He also helped launch the first 3D fashion management system at Li & Fung, the world’s largest sourcing agent. After taking more of a role in the crypto space in 2017, Nick got involved and even organized the first Binance PreHack in Hong Kong a few years ago. However, it wasn’t until last year that he started thinking about NFTs and its potential in the digital commerce space as a global medium for digital transactions. In our discussion we define NFTs and the exponential growth in interest in NFTs. We also discuss Refinable and their mission to democratize the NFT industry, why Refinable chose to go to market on the Binance Smart Chain, the future of NFTs, and much more. Please enjoy my conversation with Nick Chan.



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