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LOve the Pod, you’re one of the early OG’s! I appreciate your knowledge , thanks Charlie!

Every episodes opens up a new thoughtfulness in the world of bitcoin

Love every episode especially the one with Haseeb Awan. Even though the world of Crypto is not sturdy Haseeb provides some great insight and shows that with people like him, the space will be ok.

Amazing alpha

Really brings us something new and helps ensure I can wrap my head around it.


Highly recommend the listen! This program is great! Thanks you!

Knowledgeable, relatable and insightful!

Charlie, host of the Untold Stories podcast, highlights all aspects of investing and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

Great podcast!

Charlie is a genuine guy and bitcoin OG. Great stories and info from industry and thought leaders. One of my favorite weekly listens. High quality production value and great sponsors where you can learn about products and services in the industry. Highly recommend!

Knowledgeable and REAL

Love listening to Charlie’s candid yet kind discourse with his guests. He’s one of the most real and beloved voices in the space, and if anyone is even mildly interested in the industry, they should listen. I highly recommend this Podcast!


I love CHARLIE and this show

The best

The best crypto related podcast

One of my favorite podcasts

These stories take me back to the good ol’ days. It’s fun to hear the genesis stories of Bitcoin OGs.

Great podcast

This podcast has great guests, content and information. Charlie does a good job interviewing the guests.

Nice podcasts

Charlie is a well known person in crypto space. He is and was almost from the beginning of the creation of Bitcoin. I do recommend his podcasts.

I love this podcast!

Charlie documents the early history of bitcoin’s development like no other. A must listen. This is definitely on top of my crypto podcast playlist!

The man, the myth, the legend!

Charlie is a Bitcoin legend and will go down in history as one of the original pioneers of Bitcoin’s adoption. Don’t wait until then to read about him, start listening to his podcast right now and hear the stories first hand...they are fascinating and riveting. He is incredibly authentic and honest as well.

All the way to the top!

From someone that has nothing to do with this space, except having the random opportunity for Charlie to come into my world, I will tell you that these podcasts will bless your ears with some mind blowing material. A truly inspiring individual, you’ll catch his infectious energy and it’ll get you motivated to do something epic. Charlie’s motive isn’t to get to the top, it’s to make the top even better. Be on this ride!

Informational and entertaining

I’ve been into crypto since 2017, so I’m pretty new to the space. This podcast has taught me a lot. Would recommend

A must listen!

Charlie Shrem has managed to set up interviews with some of the most interesting people in crypto. It is like sitting down with one of your old friends and telling the stories that you don’t usually hear about in the news. He has a relaxed interview style while managing to go into all kinds of interesting details about his guests lives. A great podcast for any crypto enthusiast who wants to know the hows and whys of how we got here and where we might be headed.

Very honest and interesting Podcast

I like listening to Charlie and the angle he uses when he talks about the crypto industry... I also like that he is an early adopter but still invites crypto adopters from any space and time on his interviews


Charlie is a rockstar first and foremost plus shares powerful insight in regards to crypto currency, bitcoin and the space entirely as well. We all can learn from his story and mistakes and gains, Highly recommend that you give this podcast a listen and don’t forget to subscribe. CRYPTODONFEPE (Twitter)

Wow... this is refreshing!

Just listened to my first three episodes. Amazing insight on how it all started and the people behind some of the largest companies in the space. I’d recommend this podcast to anyone that wants a behind the scene look into crypto and the pioneers that have helped shape this movement.

Muy bueno!

Charlie provides insights and stories into the industry from his early stage entrance. My personal favorite was the one with Ben Mezrich. Saludos, Menajem.

Great Pod

Love the insights into the early days where it was just people looking to change the world. Highly reccomend for any fans of the space who want to see how it got started!

The Ultimate of Told Stories

Untold Stories is a joy to experience and will put a smile on your face as Charlie provides listeners a deeper appreciation of the revolution and evolution of bitcoin/blockchain. He ‘peels back layers of the onion’ by having pioneers and trailblazers share wonderfully insightful stories as to how they contribute(d) and innovate(d) in the space. As an example, Charlie’s latest Untold Story with Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao (Binance Founder and CEO) gives us an exclusive look into the inner workings of the worlds most successful cryptocurrency exchange, the vision behind its creation and what has made Binance such an overwhelming success. If you would like to rewind the clock a decade and begin to understand what exactly was going on behind the scenes then... if you never knew Bitcoin existed pre-$1000 (and even if you did!)... if you want to listen to fascinating Untold Stories of people creating, harnessing and catalyzing the most disruptive technology since the printing press... then this podcast is for you! -@WorldWideWex

Best Crypto Podcast !

I’m fascinated by crypto. Charlie is one of the original bitcoin investors . He was there from the beginning and his stories are one of a kind ! Great old school guests too . Cant recommend this enough

Must Watch for Crypto industry

Real. Raw. Untold stories lives up to its name . Highly recommended to both industry insiders and beginners.

True OG

Charlie is a true OG of bitcoin! I admire tf out of him for what he did in the early days and everything he went through! Charlie if you read this I would love a chance to talk to you sometime. I too have been through prison. I have heard you speak about the disorders that you develop in there and how bitcoin has really filled that void. I haven’t done anything influential enough in the space yet to deserve a stream with you, but i think we could have an interesting conversation on a personal level. Anyways keep doing what you’re doing bro! 💪🏽

Great pod Charlie !

So many people tend to focus on price action, but the real value here is in getting a perspective on the ideological beginnings of bitcoin and other digital currencies/apps. From the awkwardness and no doubt, odor, of the first meetups to now, you get a glimpse into just how far things have come and gain excitement and optimism for where we go from here. Cheers!

Fascinating to hear about the early days of Bitcoin

What a treat to get all the amazing stories of the early days of bitcoin firsthand. Besides learning many interesting side stories, it’s been really wonderful to get a more rounded idea of the people we’ve heard about for years. Very warm and compassionate, without burying the truths either. After being active in bitcoin for awhile, we build up certain concepts of who various early adopters are. These portraits tend to be one dimensional and this podcast really helps round them out. Some day these stories will be the stuff of legend and here we can get a clear record of them for the ages.

An unpretentious crypto podcast

If you are into crypto and don’t need someone preaching to you about how awesome it is all the time, this is the podcast for you. It also does a great job of showing how (relatively) normal the early community is/was. I really don’t know if this would be appealing to anyone who wasn’t already interested in crypto, but it would be useful for someone on the fence who hasn’t taken the plunge because today’s crypto influencers seem shady. The fact that the first convicted crypto felon is one of crypto’s most honest representatives speaks volumes about how much further the industry needs to go.

Simply amazing

Just a genius! Who was able to see what was need in the future. Must watch!