Why DeFi #shorts

Today’s guest is Julian Koh, the Co-Founder & CEO of Ribbon Finance. Ribbon Finance is a suite of DeFi protocols that help users access crypto structured products. By combining derivatives, lending and a proprietary on-chain options exchange (Aevo), Ribbon aims to be the one-stop solution for users who want to improve a portfolio's risk-return profile. Prior to co-founding Ribbon Finance, Julian was Software Engineering at Coinbase. He also worked at Metastable Capital as a Consultant. He studied Computer Science at Cornell University. He cares deeply about cryptocurrencies and the nature of information. We discuss a variety of topics including Ribbon Finance, CeFi’s Blowups, DeFi’s Future, Yield, and much more. We began our conversation by discussing Julian’s journey into the crypto-space. Julian shares how he got interested in crypto and how he was able to navigate the previous bear market to position himself for success in the recent bull market. Our next conversation topic centered around “Crypto Banks.” We discuss the current fallout from the failure of CeFi institutions and the importance of custodying your own crypto. We transitioned to discuss DeFi. We focus on DeFi innovation and DeFi’s unique value proposition. We discussed how CeFi institutions were leveraging DeFi in order to provide yield to their customers. We touch on the lack of oversight and controls that were present within the CeFi institutions which enabled funds to be mismanaged. Our next conversation topic centered around Ribbon Finance. Julian explains how Ribbon Finance works. Julian discusses Ribbon’s protocol design and growth strategy which focuses on responsible and sustainable growth. We discuss yield. Julian explains how yield is generated. We discuss what’s on the future roadmap for Ribbon Finance. Julian explains why he believes options trading is the next area of growth for DeFi. We finish our conversation by focusing on advice for the listeners. Please enjoy my convention with Julian Koh.