Verify, Don’t Just Trust: Taking Back Ownership with Christoph Simmchen of Safe

Charlie starts the conversation off with a discussion about singe key wallets and the questions recent hacks have uncovered about them. Christoph introduces Safe, previously Gnosis Safe, explaining its background and potential use cases. Christoph shares breaking news ahead of ETHDenver. Charlie and Christoph discuss a collaborative approach to the financial world. They talk about building a framework where people can manage their keys in a simple way with minimal trust necessary. Charlie and Christoph dive in to Safe’s manifesto and what it means on a deeper level. Christoph discusses the truth behind last year’s crypto industry failures. Charlie and Christoph touch on fundamental human flaws and how they played into last year’s industry failures. Christoph explains how Safe works as a smart contract and how regulations play into Safe’s infrastructure. Charlie and Christoph give their takes on the definition of DAOs.