Token Economics and Impatient Investing with Max Sarafin

Charlie starts the show off by talking about being on a film set with his wife and how it fuels him creatively. Max discusses how he views tokenomic and why he values token use cases outside of turning them into fiat. Charlie and Max compare the Fed to those creating tokenomics for crypto projects and the importance of data. Max shares what people should look for when determining if they should join and/or invest in a project. Charlie and Max discuss ETH staking and the upcoming Beacon chain unlock. Max talks about how regulations impact his investment decisions. Max explains how Aleph Zero works and what layer 1s can do with enterprises. Max talks about the assumptions you have to make when investing in early technology like Web3. Max talks about his investment in Overnight Oats (code coming soon?). Charlie and Max share entrepreneur stories. Max and Charlie discuss avoiding burnout.