The Rise of Crypto’s Capital Markets with Annabelle Huang

My guest today is Annabelle Huang, a Partner at Amber Group. Amber Group is a diversified crypto finance firm. The Amber Group helps clients buy and sell cryptocurrency products, earn yield, manage risk and access liquidity, with a presence in Asia and North America. Prior to the Amber Group, Ms. Huang was the Asia lead at AirSwap, a decentralized trading platform that enables peer-to-peer trading. Before transitioning into digital assets, she advised private equity funds, US corporates and hedge funds on structured solutions and risk management as an FX structurer at Deutsche Bank. Her deep understanding in traditional finance markets, in combination with her expertise on how institutions and macro markets work, has played a key role in helping develop the product strategy and solutions delivered through Amber Group. This is a must listen for anyone interested in how capital markets are evolving. We discuss the market structure within crypto such as the reasons for the high yield on stable coins, how to capitalize on the high volatility in the crypto market, and the growth of crypto adoption in areas like Africa, India and Latin America. We also do a deep dive into Central Bank digital currencies, the dollar as the global reserve currency, and the sentiment outside of America of US monetary policy. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Annabelle Huang.



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