The power of social and digital marketing for Web3 brands, with Wachsman's Benton Yaun

Charlie and Benton Yaun begin the show by discussing the Wall Street Journal’s article on the Metaverse being a Meh-taverse and their interpretation of how the metaverse is currently performing. Benton shares his unconventional background and how he came into the crypto world. Charlie talks about the evolution of online communities within crypto and Benton shares his insights on growing a community around a project. Charlie and Benton discuss super fans and whether or not Elon Musk saved Twitter. Benton shares what gaps he’s seeing in the social space currently. Charlie and Benton dive into ChatGPT from a social perspective. Benton predicts how large audiences will be onboarded to Web3 and blockchain tech. Benton discusses messaging and brand narratives and the importance of both of these in building brands. Benton shares what platforms target various audiences.