Orwellian Vibes, IPFS, and Cryptography with Juan Benet of Protocol Labs

Charlie begins the show with an introduction to Protocol Labs and IPFS, asking Juan to take him back to the beginning. Juan shares the goals of IPFS and how they accomplish those goals. Juan explains the difference between storage and content delivery and how IPFS comes into play. Juan discusses what drew him to Web3. Charlie and Juan discuss Orwellian censorship examples in history and how crypto comes into play. Juan explains why mesh networks didn’t take off. Juan dives into the power that the centralized internet gives to corporations and governments. Juan talks about blockchain adoption and how he sees AI integrating into the world. Juan shares his thoughts on trust, but verify. Juan explains why tokens are successful in blockchain technology. Charlie compares the French pension system to rewards on blockchain. Juan shares the importance of verifiability, even without transparency. Juan and Charlie ideate how the adoption of blockchain could impact daily life.