LIVE in Miami.... Bitcoin History, Crypto Innovation, and Lending with David Wachsman & Josip Rupeno

Charlie reflects on the 9 year anniversary of his arrest. Charlie and David Wachsman compare FTX and Mt. Gox. David and Charlie discuss the passion then and now in the Bitcoin and crypto communities. David reflects on the mainstream perspective of crypto. Charlie discusses the positives of the reduced interest in crypto post-FTX. Charlie shares his views on maximalism in the industry. Charlie talks about why decentralized matters to him. Charlie shares how he learned about Bitcoin and why he created the Bitcoin Foundation. David and Charlie discuss the challenges of communicating innovation to the masses. David and Charlie share how they got their first Bitcoin. The conversation wraps up with Charlie's advice to exchanges post-FTX.

Josip Rupena introduces himself and his company Milo. Charlie and Josip discuss crypto mortgages, how they work, and why they are important. Charlie talks about how decentralization plays out in mortgages and lending. Josip and Charlie discuss possibilities for the future of blockchain integration in today's world. Charlie shares his thoughts on the true meaning of charity in the industry. Charlie and Josip forecast how the lending industry will evolve and the possible implications. Charlie compares this year's industry failures with the 2008 market crash and predicts what it means for the future. Josip announces that he is launching a crypto lending product.