Future of Hollywood: Friction is Freedom with Melody Hildebrandt of FOX & Blockchain Creative Labs

Charlie begins the show by introducing CIO of Fox and President of Blockchain Creative Labs (BCL), Melody Hildebrandt and the importance of her as a guest. Melody dives into how BCL was dreamed up. Melody discusses how Fox is a risk-taking business and how that’s important in setting the foundation in blockchain and moving the industry forward. Melody shares their experience bringing components of The Masked Singer to the blockchain and the failures and successes of teaching a new audience how to use this new technology. Melody discusses the importance of identifying the value proposition to get fans and creators interested and engaged with this technology. Charlie talks about “Just Dance” and the disappointing finance and incentives for creators. Charlie and Melody talk about putting the Hollywood Waterfall on-chain and how that benefits creators and their income stream. Melody talks about Krapopolis and how NFT holders have helped shape its creation. Melody gives her thoughts on regulations and Fox’s approach. Melody teases Fox’s possible future DAO plans. Melody and Charlie talk about SMS’s breakthrough moment and hypothesize what crypto’s moment will be. Melody explains how Fox determines what’s working and what’s not when it comes to crypto activations. Charlie reflects on his experiences in crypto and how important friction is in the industry. Melody talks about “signed trust” and where it is worth pursuing.

What is the Charlie Shrem Show:

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