Fighting fraud, making sacrifices and noncustodial onboarding with Paulina Joskow of Ramp Network

Charlie gives an introduction to Paulina and noncustodial onboarding. Paulina explains how noncustodial onboarding works. Paulina shares why they created Ramp. Charlie reflects on his experience with onboarding with BitInstant. Paulina shares her experience in the bear and bull markets and her observations. Charlie and Paulina discuss scams over the years in the crypto sphere and how Ramp is attempting to educate consumers. Charlie and Paulina discuss choke points from traditional banks and how Ramp addresses them. Paulina describes how Ramp handles KYC and avoids fraud. Paulina talks about what she think crypto is about and how Ramp aims to educate as much as possible. Paulina explains how Ramp avoids making onboarding a cumbersome process. Paulina shares how Ramp determines what customers want. Paulina gives a look into her experience at ETHDenver this year. Paulina explains why she appreciates competition in the on ramp space.