ETH’s First $55M Heist, BTC Journalism, & Untold Stories with Matthew Leising of DeCential Media

Former Bloomberg journalist and founder of DeCential Media Matt Leising and Charlie start the show discussing how they feel about the industry so far in 2023. Matt shares his thoughts on journalism and its growth and challenges within the blockchain niche. Matt provides his experience with writing his book Out of the Ether. Matt gives his thoughts on why people say the early Ethereum heist was the best thing that happened to the industry. Matt shares why he made the decision to leave Bloomberg to create DeCential. Matt gives a brief history of the Ethereum heist and how the whitehackers became involved. Charlie and Matt discuss how this industry is full of interesting stories. Charlie and Matt compare the crypto community to religion. Matt shared what pushed him over the edge to become a crypto “zealot.” Matt shares his experience getting to know Vitalik during his book writing.