“Crypto Folk” Solving Scalability & Embracing Equity with Jane Ma of zkLend

zkLend Co-founder Jane Ma introduces herself and shares info on zkLend and how its products work. Jane explains how zkLend connects off-chain assets with on-chain protocols. Jane and Charlie talk about how regulation will play into decentralized lending. Jane and Charlie talk about the future of blockchain scalability, including an in-depth discussion of rollups. Jane shares why she feels decentralization is so important and Charlie concurs with his thoughts on recent events underlining its importance. Jane discusses how zkLend will be a responsible part of the future of defi. Jane dives into the struggle of balancing safe, responsible moves for the company with the urge to tackle the unexplored frontiers of the crypto industry. Charlie gives his thoughts on governments and law enforcement being involved in crypto and how the industry should work with them. Jane shares her sentiment on the industry. Jane and Charlie give their thoughts on equity in the crypto community. Jane shares women’s resource SheFi