Bitcoin: The Modern Day Religion; A conversation with MouseBelt University Students

Patrick McClain with The Reimagined podcast, Anthony Garretts from Gonzaga and Danny Cook at the University of Illinois interview Charlie Shrem. Charlie gives a history of who he is and how he got involved in crypto. Charlie discusses crypto company investing woes and how SBF relates. Charlie provides background on BitInstant and what it means to be a Bitcoiner. Charlie and Patrick discuss transparency and freedom and how blockchain technology can make companies more money. Charlie shares how his view of Bitcoin has changed over the years and how it first became valuable. Charlie provides his perspective on how Bitcoin improves lives and has a value proposition worldwide. Charlie predicts how blockchain tech will be used in the future. Charlie addresses how crypto previously scaled and how it will scale moving forward. Patrick dives into a big block and small block explanation and the conspiracies about Bitcoin being attacked. Charlie reflects on these conspiracy theories and his thoughts regarding them. Charlie shares how he continues to learn in this industry. Charlie gives his thoughts on how mass adoption of blockchain will happen. Charlie and Patrick end the show giving advice to students who are considering a career in blockchain.