Being A Bitcoiner in a Crypto World with Alex Strześniewski, Founder and CEO of AngelBlock

Today's guest is Alex Strześniewski is the Founder of AngelBlock. AngelBlock is a Crypto and FinTech investment platform connecting investors with noteworthy startups with a focus on early-stage investments. AngelBlock is on its way to creating the largest decentralised venture capital fund for the Crypto, FinTech, and Blockchain space. Their mission is to build a cohesive and synergistic community of investors, supporters and entrepreneurs developing innovation within the blockchain space. AngelBlock will allow Crypto, FinTech, and blockchain start-ups to raise funds and receive support from knowledgeable, experienced professionals solely via their online platform. Prior to founding AngelBlock, he was a former Exec at Coin Deal. He believes the future is decentralized and open source. Alex has focused on crypto and crypto-based startups for the last 6+ years. A former crypto-fiat exchange executive, Alex has years of managerial and operational experience and has helped companies navigate the ever-changing regulatory landscape. He has worked as a blockchain consultant for one of the largest FMCG companies in Europe, led various projects through obtaining regulatory licences in the crypto space, and has been an active advisor and investor in numerous crypto and FinTech projects. Most recently he has advised successful companies such as Gamerhash and Aleph Zero. We discuss various topics including AngelBlock, Bitcoin, Crypto Investing, the Path of Decentralization, and much more. We begin our conversation by discussing the state of the crypto space. We stress the importance of striving towards our North Star and staying true to crypto’s ethos. Alex shares why he believes it is important for the crypto industry to self-regulate to prevent over regulation by the government. We pivot our conversation to focus on AngelBlock. Alex shares AngelBlock’s backstory. We discuss the problems that exist in the current venture and fundraising ecosystem. Alex explains how AngelBlock’s is building crypto-native solutions to address these shortcomings. Alex shares AngelBlock’s vision to allow for non-custodial & on-chain fundraising, transparent vesting, and automated token distribution. Alex explains how they designed the protocol to incentivize proper governance. We discuss the differences between angel investing and being a VC. We also discuss the importance of apprenticeship and learning from experts. We transition our conversation to discuss what it means to be a bitcoiner in a crypto world. We discuss how we are all Bitcoiners. We discuss the importance of striving for decentralization and making it a priority. We discuss the dangers of maximalism and how it is the antithesis of Bitcoin's core ethos.


AngelBlock is a DeFi protocol aimed at solving the issues of fundraising for digital assets and making the process crypto native. More info at


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