Feb. 9, 2021

Turning Miami into a Bitcoin City, with Mayor Francis Suarez

Turning Miami into a Bitcoin City, with Mayor Francis Suarez

Mayor Francis Suarez discusses the Tech and Finance flocking to Miami, being on the political vanguard of the Bitcoin/Crypto movement, why the future is bright for Miami and much more.

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My guest today is Mayor Francis Suarez of Miami. Mayor Suarez recently rose to national prominence by being the most tech-friendly mayor on Twitter which has resulted in successfully attracting top tech and finance talent and leading companies to Miami. I had the pleasure to sit down with Mayor Suarez to discuss all things Miami, and Bitcoin. Mayor Suarez is at the vanguard of political leaders embracing tech and crypto to help create a better society; this is a must listen for anyone interested in the intersection of politics and tech/crypto. Our conversation touches on the exponential growth of Miami, Bitcoin and the Social Responsibility of Wealth, the importance of education and how to address the growing income inequality gap and much more. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Mayor Suarez.



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