May 24, 2022

The Secret Sauce of NFTs with Rob Richardson

The Secret Sauce of NFTs with Rob Richardson

Rob Richardson, the CEO, and co-founder of Disrupt Art discusses the rise of the creator and how everyone who is building and using their imagination is a creator.

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My guest today is Rob Richardson, the CEO, and co-founder of Disrupt Art, a Global marketplace created to revolutionize the impact of Art, Music, Fashion, and Film. DisruptArt aims to curate an interactive space for artists, collectors, and activists to revolutionize the impact of art. Artists sell their pieces as digital creations through blockchain technology. Their vision is to create a community where spoken word artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, photographers, and crypto artists intersect, creating dialogue about social impact, contemporary art, and the blockchain. They believe artists deserve more equity, and it’s why they ensure artists receive a majority of the funds and always receive a royalty for their work. That is why they created a new Black-owned NFT minting platform, DisruptArt. They focus on equity, diversity, and bridging NFT technology to the world. They work with activists, allies, and organizations to build a more equitable future using NFTs. Rob is also the founder of Disruption Now Media, a platform that connects entrepreneurs, artists, and leaders through interactive events, educational content, podcasts, and virtual and in-person summits. Disruption Now Podcasts hosts conversational podcasts with disruptors focused on impact. Past guests have included: NY Times bestselling author Robert Greene, Monique Woodward, Jewel Burks Soloman of Google Startups and Collab Capital, Arlan Hamilton of Backstage Capital, and many others. When Rob was appointed chairman of the University of Cincinnati’s Board of Trustees, he became the youngest person to serve in this role in the University’s history. He established the 1819 Innovation Hub in his tenure, where industry and talent collaborate to spark groundbreaking ideas. He created a leadership development and academic preparedness program for high school students. He also championed reforms to the University’s police policies. We discuss various topics, including NFTs and Web3, redefining the term Artist, the rise of creators, the disruption potential of NFTs, and much more. We begin our conversation by discussing what is an artist. Rob explains why needs to redefine the meaning of “artist.” We discuss the rise of the creator and how everyone who is building and using their imagination is a creator. Our next conversation topic centered around the best ways to explain NFT and Web3 to someone. Rob discusses why some people cannot reimagine reality through a new paradigm. We discuss how Web3 brings about a new paradigm for online creation and ownership. Rob shares the steps he uses to explain NFT and Web3 to someone new to the space. We also discuss how NFTs accrue value. We discuss the NFTs enable creators to develop a stronger relationship with their fanbase. Our next topic centered around which mediums and sectors will be distributed the most because of NFTs. We discuss how film and TV will be one of the major sectors disrupted by NFTs. We also discuss why using technology to create value is the secret to long-term success. We touch on why it’s essential to become knowledgeable about the space and its broader implications across various industries. Our final discussion topic was how NFTs are a gateway into the crypto-verse by allowing more people to begin to grasp the transformational nature of crypto.


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