Dec. 9, 2021

The Power of the Meme Community with Brian Laughlan

The Power of the Meme Community with Brian Laughlan
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My guest today is my friend Brian Laughlan, the creator and lead project engineer of Satoshibles. Satoshibles are a series of 5000 algorithmically generated crypto collectible NFTs that have been hand illustrated. Each one is unique. The project uses Dorian Nakamoto as their mascot. The project originally launched on Ethereum in July 2021 but the project is currently building a bridge to the STX ecosystem to enable holders to secure their satoshible on Bitcoin. In addition to having one of the most vibrant communities within the NFT ecosystem, the project is committed to charitable efforts. Satoshibles partnered with Built with Bitcoin to create Built with NFTs is an NFT collection powered by artwork from students at BWB campuses across Africa, specifically the Nursery and Primary schools in Rwanda, Kenya, and Nigeria. From this artwork, 10,000 unique NFTs will be up for sale. All proceeds will fund the Foundation’s on-going efforts to build schools and communities around the world with their next projects initiating in West Africa and Central America in 2022. Brian is a designer at heart. He is originally from Scotland but moved to Switzerland when he landed one of his first software jobs. Brian began his career as a pure designer and transitioned to full front end developer once he taught himself how to code. Our discussion covers a variety of topics, including NFTs, the power of memes and community, crypto and charitable causes, cross-chain bridging and blockchain interoperability. We begin our conversation by discussing the history of NFTs and the importance of timing. We also discuss how Switzerland has become an innovation hub for crypto. Brian discusses how he bootstrapped the Satoshibles community and the uniqueness and strength of the community. We also discuss the growth of the NFT space and how the broader crypto community has evolved over time. Our conversation transitions to the power of memes. We discuss the iconic Dorian Nakamoto who was mistakenly labeled as Satoshi, which has since been debunked but his image has left a lasting community impact on the Bitcoin community. Brian discusses why he chose to base the pfp character on Dorian Nakamoto. Our conversation transitions to Built with NFTs and how NFTs are powering charitable causes throughout Africa. We discuss the future possibilities of how NFTs can disrupt charity and humanitarian causes. Another major topic of discussion was the importance of cross-chain bridging and why blockchain interoperability is the future. Brian discusses how the community was the driving force behind the desire to build a bridge to the STX ecosystem. We finish our conversation by discussing what is on the roadmap for Satoshibles. Please enjoy my conversation with Brian Laughlan.



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