Dec. 16, 2021

The Paradox of Search with Colin Pape

The Paradox of Search with Colin Pape
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My guest today is Colin Pape, the founder and CEO of and Presearch is building a next-generation search engine powered by the community and leveraging a blockchain token. will be an open, transparent alternative to the current search hegemony. The Community Commerce Platform provides local communities with interactive shop local campaigns that connect local businesses and consumers online. Their aim is to create an online ecosystem in which local businesses may flourish due to ground rules that prevent the system from being overrun by big businesses with little connection to the community. Colin has extensive experience with token economics, utility tokens, blockchain, product development, search, internet marketing, growth hacking, local economies, domain names, sales, fundraising and launching tech ventures. He is passionate about personal freedom, privacy, decentralization and community. In our conversation we discuss a variety of topics ranging from Web3 and disruption of Big Tech, the monopoly on search, the importance of timing, personal liberties, communities and the metaverse. We begin our conversation by diving deep into the similarities and differences between Web3 and Web2. We also discuss the power open systems vs closed systems. Our conversation transitions slightly to discuss the power hold Google holds on the search industry. Colin expertly explains the problems with the traditional Silicon Valley business model long term by detailing the various problems that plague the current system like stagnation and lack of privacy. Colin goes on to illustrate what compelled him to found Presearch and the unique value proposition it gives users. We also touch on the importance of timing and how time is the most scarcest asset we can leverage. Our conversation transitions to the importance of personal liberties and why society should optimize for the individual and not the collective. We touch on the alarming cultural shifts happening within western culture and the current battle over the hearts and minds of Americans. We finish our conversation by discussing the evolution of the term metaverse. Colin explains what he envisions for the metaverse to evolve into and we discuss our predictions for the future of the metaverse and crypto. Please enjoy my discussion with Colin Pape.



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