Dec. 7, 2021

The Own Anything Revolution with Brian Hunt

The Own Anything Revolution with Brian Hunt

Brian Hunt, CEO of InvestorPlace, discusses wealth creation, investing, success, tokenization, and much more.

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My guest today is my friend Brian Hunt, CEO of InvestorPlace. InvestorPlace is one of America’s largest, longest-standing independent financial research firms. Started over 40 years ago by a business visionary named Tom Phillips, they publish detailed research and recommendations for self-directed investors, financial advisors and money managers. publishes insightful articles on every corner of the market — from mutual funds and ETFs to options and active stock trading. Brian began his career in Oil and Natural gas by working over 7 years at Longfellow Drilling Incorporated. He eventually made his way to Stansberry Research, an independent financial research firm, delivering unbiased investment intelligence to self-directed investors seeking an edge in a wide variety of sectors and market conditions, where he was their editorial director. Brian next challenge was leading Katusa Research, an independent research firm founded by professional investor Marin Katusa focused on natural resource stock investments, as a Partner and Head of the Editorial Board. Brian is currently the CEO of InvestorPlace. Our discussion covers a variety of topics ranging wealth creation, investing, success, tokenization, and much more. We begin our discussion by talking about Proof-of-Brain and the importance of learning skills and acquiring knowledge to compound your wealth generating opportunities. Our conversation takes a slight turn where we begin discussing portfolio construction and advice for new investors. Brian gives excellent advice about how to approach markets and investing. A very interesting conversation topic was when we discussed the technological megatrends that will shape society for the decades to come. Our discussion transitions to tokenization and the future applications of crypto. We dive deep into the disruptive possibilities of the "Own Anything Revolution." We also touch on the topic of smart cities, tokenized bonds, regulating the regulators, and much more. We finish our conversation by discussing the qualities of a good leader and the importance of humility in success and leadership. Please enjoy my conversation with Brian Hunt.



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