Sept. 28, 2021

The Money Network with Eric Weiss

The Money Network with Eric Weiss

Eric Weiss the Founder and Chief Investment Officer at Blockchain Investment Group, discusses Bitcoin, the path to decentralization, digital networks, sovereignty, and much more

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My guest today is Eric Weiss, the Founder and Chief Investment Officer at Blockchain Investment Group. Blockchain Investment Group is a hedge fund of funds that identifies, evaluates, makes and manages investments in hedge funds that invest exclusively in blockchain assets including, protocols, tokens, initial coin offerings (ICOs) and cryptocurrencies. Eric's background is uniquely suited to evaluate and make investments in hedge funds with a focus on blockchain-assets. Prior to forming BIG, Eric had careers as a proprietary bond trader; a technology venture capitalist and an internet entrepreneur. Eric started his career as a US Government bond trader at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter. After earning his MBA from Columbia Business School, Eric was a Director in the Private Equity & Venture Capital arm of GE Capital and focused on making investments in internet related companies. While with GE Capital Eric made an investment in Internet Capital Group (ICG), and thereafter joined ICG were he made investments in business to business internet companies. Eric served as ICG’s board representative for a number of companies. Subsequent to ICG, Eric was a founding Principal at Stripes Group where he identified and lead investments in the online direct marketing space. Eric left Stripes Group to form a number of technology based online direct marketing companies focused on lead-generation, search engine marketing and social media. Eric has personally been an active investor in hedge funds and hedge fund of funds for over twenty years. In our conversation we discuss Bitcoin, path to decentralization, digital networks, and much more. We begin our discussion by covering how Eric's background and how he first entered the space in 2013. We go on to discuss his relationship with Michael Saylor and how he was the initial person to spark Michael Saylor's interest in Bitcoin. A very interesting part of our conversation was when we discussed digital networks and the mobile revolution. Eric did a great job at expanding on this point by demonstrating how Bitcoin is the best money network and why that is important. Another major discussion point in our conversation was a project's path to decentralization. We discuss how Bitcoin is not competing with the broader crypto ecosystem and how the other crypto-assets are developing into their own distinct asset class. We finish our conversation discussing the importance of sovereignty and the different levels of individual agency throughout the country. Please enjoy my conversation with Eric Weiss.



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