Dec. 2, 2022

The Last Untold Story & Cultural Ownership with Jan Leitenbauer of MovieShots

The Last Untold Story & Cultural Ownership with Jan Leitenbauer of MovieShots

UntoldStories is dead, long live UntoldStories!

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The last episode of UntoldStories and the first episode of The Charlie Shrem Show

Today's guest is Jan Leitenbauer, the co-founder of MovieShots. MovieShots is an Austrian startup which enables film lovers to own a part of their favorite movie as a unique collector’s item. As a digital collectible, MovieShots aims to link the two worlds of film and NFT. Using software developed in-house, individual still images from iconic films transform and become originals. Using NFT technology, this content can be made ownable as unique digital items with guaranteed proof of ownership on the blockchain, for example as collectibles and for trading on various NFT marketplaces. Jan is a professional video editor, blockchain enthusiast, and NFT collector. He completed the MOOC "Introduction to digital currencies" at the University of Nicosia and received his Bachelor and Master in "MultiMediaArt - Video" at the Film University of Applied Sciences. Jan Leitenbauer is involved in directing, editing and writing short films as a filmmaker and is a founding member and artist of the crypto-collective CryptoWiener. We discuss a variety of topics including MovieShots, NFTs, Community, the Crypto Space, and much more. We begin our conversation by discussing Jan’s experience taking Blockchain classes at the University of Nicosia. Jan explains how the classes gave him the foundation to start MovieShots. We discuss what compelled Jan to co-found MovieShots and MovieShots’s backstory. Our next conversation topic centered around NFTs. We discuss the narrative around NFTs and dispel some of the misconceptions of NFTs. Jan explains the technology behind NFTs and why the technology is so disruptive. We discuss how NFTs digitize the cultural layer of society and the possible implications it will have on society. Jan explains how NFTs foster a sense of community within the holders. We discuss MovieShots’ minting process and how the community is involved in the governance process. We discuss how NFTs bring reputation to the internet and identity to the internet. We discussed the Cannes Film Festival. Jan shares his experience being on the only panel at Cannes dedicated to NFTs. Our final discussion topic centered around life advice. Jan explains how to be comfortable with uncomfortability. Please enjoy my conversation with Jan Leitenbauer.