Sept. 20, 2022

The Future of Security Tokens with Alan Silbert and Itai Avneri

The Future of Security Tokens with Alan Silbert and Itai Avneri
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Today's guests are Alan Silbert, North America CEO of INX, and Itai Avneri, COO of INX. INX aims to offer a fully-licensed and regulated cryptocurrency, security token, and derivatives trading platform. They also endeavor to be a leader in the regulated security token platform space. INX announced in January 2018 its submission of a confidentially-filed draft registration statement to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for an initial public offering of the INX Token. INX is one of the leading platforms from a regulatory and compliance perspective; they are a broker-dealer, have various alternative trading system licenses, and a cash fund to safeguard platform capital. Alan Silbert, CEO North America of INX. He joined the Company in March 2018 as Executive Managing Director. Since joining INX, Alan has been responsible for facilitating the build-out of the director and advisor team, raising capital, growing operations and infrastructure for North American operations, and leading the regulatory processes for broker-dealers and money transmitter licenses. Alan's career in finance spans almost 25 years, where he has held executive positions in various large banks. He also founded, in 2013, Bitcoin luxury marketplace BitPremier, which in 2014 brokered one of the first bitcoin real estate transactions in history. Itai has launched multiple financial services and products in Europe and South Africa, among other regulated jurisdictions. He designed and built advanced information systems specializing in trading, BI & CRM solutions, marketing, KYC automation, and payments and integration hubs. We discuss various topics, including INX, Security Tokens, Regulation, and much more. We began our conversation by discussing how INX started and how the organization has been leading the charge in pushing regulation forward and regulatory clarity since the company’s inception. Alan and Itai describe the current state of the INX platform and the various functionalities open to accredited investors. Our following conversation topic centers around the benefits of security tokens and why security tokens will revolutionize how capital markets are structured. We discuss the views of various regulatory jurisdictions on digital assets. We discuss how regulators could distinguish between security tokens and cryptocurrencies. We discuss the crypto industry’s positive progress within American society from a regulatory and cultural perspective. Our final discussion topic centered around how INX is helping companies navigate the regulatory waters by advising them and publishing a book that will share the best practices for navigating the regulatory hurdles that crypto companies face. Please enjoy my conversation with Alan Silbert and Itai Avneri.


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