Dec. 16, 2022

The Bitcoin Philosophy ‘Ich bin ein Bitcoiner’ with Mark Jeffrey

The Bitcoin Philosophy ‘Ich bin ein Bitcoiner’ with Mark Jeffrey

Mark Jeffery, an award-winning serial entrepreneur, discusses Bitcoin, the Venture Landscape, Crypto’s Killer App, The Bitcoiner Ethos, and much more.

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What does it mean to be a Bitcoiner living in a Crypto World?

Today’s guest is Mark Jeffery, an award-winning serial entrepreneur and author with Harper Collins. He is currently working on the Boolean Fund Previously, Mark co-founded the Guardian Circle emergency response network (NEWSWEEK Blockchain Impact Award Nominee (2019), One of FAST COMPANY’s 'World Changing Ideas' (2018); Partner: XPRIZE Foundation; Featured in TRUST MACHINE (2018), THE RISE OF BLOCKCHAIN (2019). He is also an early pioneer of blockchain technology, releasing BITCOIN EXPLAINED SIMPLY (2013) and THE CASE FOR BITCOIN (2015). His previous companies include The Palace metaverse (backed by Time Warner, Intel and SoftBank; sold with 10 million users), ZeroDegrees (a business social network sold to InterActiveCorp / IAC in 2004 with 1 million users) and ThisWeekIn (video network). He was the founding CTO of Mahalo / (backed by Elon Musk, Sequoia and others). Mark is the author of seven books of fiction, published both traditionally and as audiobooks. His first novel, MAX QUICK: THE POCKET AND THE PENDANT is published by HarperCollins. Mark was one of the first three people ever to podcast a novel: MAX QUICK originally received over 2.5 million downloads in 2005. We discuss a variety of different topics including Bitcoin, the Venture Landscape, Crypto’s Killer App, The Bitcoiner Ethos, and much more. We begin our conversation by discussing the Mark’s backstory and journey to crypto. We dive deep into the topic of being a Bitcoiner in an increasingly crypto world. Mark explains the reality of being an entrepreneur in the Bitcoin space and the necessity of incorporating crypto to further Bitcoin’s mission. We discuss why Bitcoin is so special and what is the holy grail for Bitcoin. We discuss the philosophy surrounding Bitcoin and what it means to be Bitcoiner. We pivot our conversation to discuss the investing environment. Mark explains why it is currently the best time to invest and build in crypto by sharing some of the lessons he learned during the Dot Com Bubble. Mark shares the similarities between the post Dot Com Bubble venture landscape and the current Crypto venture landscape. We discuss various crypto sectors that could lead to Crypto’s killer application. We discuss how to avoid burnout and the importance of following your passion. Our last conversation topic centered around the various failures throughout Crypto over the last year and the lessons we can learn from them. Please enjoy my conversation with Mark Jeffrey