Nov. 16, 2021

Tampa: The Next Bitcoin Mecca with Gabe Higgins

Tampa: The Next Bitcoin Mecca with Gabe Higgins

Gabe Higgins the Co-founder and Managing Director of BlockSpaces, discusses the Tampa Bitcoin/crypto community, BlockSpaces, and Enterprise adoption, Web3 and the Metaverse, Bitcoin, and much more

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My guest today is my friend, Gabe Higgins, the Co-founder and Managing Director of BlockSpaces, a blockchain technology center for education, coworking, and development located in South Tampa. Founded in 2017, BlockSpaces, Inc., is a software company headquartered in Tampa, Florida that provides blockchain integration software for connecting applications and data. The company’s founders have deep roots in the global blockchain ecosystem since 2013 and remain actively involved in both legislative and community affairs that impact the technology through their work with the Florida Blockchain Business Association. The core team aligns innovative blockchain expertise with decades of enterprise software and infrastructure experience. With a wide range of technology partnerships and industry associations, BlockSpaces is known as a trusted source and market leader in blockchain integration. Gabe is a Certified Bitcoin Professional through the CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium(C4), Founder of CryptoEdge Solutions, a cryptocurrency consulting group, organizer of the Tampa Bay Bitcoineers/Blockchain Enthusiasts, Tampa’s largest and longest-running meetup group for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. As a true believer in this technology, he is convinced it will disrupt a variety of industries and antiquated centralized systems to make a freer and more equitable world. Gabe is always open to connecting with startup founders, technologists, investors, & mentors who are passionate about disrupting industries by properly leveraging blockchain, which is why he also currently advises startups and VC-funded blockchain companies with strategic partnerships and technical direction. Gabe was also a co-author of the iconic book, "Thank God for Bitcoin: The Creation, Corruption and Redemption of Money", 2020, which provides a moral argument for sound money. Our conversation was a fireside chat at the Florid Bitcoin and Blockchain Summit where we discussed the Tampa Bitcoin/crypto community, BlockSpaces, and Enterprise adoption, Web3 and the Metaverse, Bitcoin, and much more. We begin our conversation by discussing our personal journeys in Bitcoin/crypto. Our conversation naturally flows to a discussion about the growth and adoption within Tampa of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. Gabe discusses how he and his co-founders at BlockSpaces helped lay the foundation for the burgeoning Tampa crypto community. We continue our discussion about BlockSpaces by discussing how Gabe and his team provide a suite of products to enable traditional enterprise businesses to integrate blockchain technology. We continue our conversation by discussing the emergence of Web3 and the importance of creating decentralized infrastructure. Our conversation pivots to Bitcoin where we begin discussing the philosophy underpinning Bitcoin. Gabe emphasizes how Bitcoin empowers people by preventing them from time theft. We discuss the ongoing money printing and inflation as drivers for Bitcoin's adoption. We finish our conversation by discussing the evolution of money and why Bitcoin matters. Please enjoy my conversation with Gabe Higgins



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