Oct. 22, 2019

SFOX Exec Danny Kim Describes Bitcoin OTC, Custody, and how Institutions will Enter Crypto

SFOX Exec Danny Kim Describes Bitcoin OTC, Custody, and how Institutions will Enter Crypto

Danny Kim and Charlie Shrem discuss why he left traditional finance for crypto, how the trading space is evolving, and welcoming newcomers to the crypto revolution.

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Ten years sounds like a long time since the beginning of Bitcoin, but it’s not, and crypto is still feeling the growing pains of increasing adoption. That includes straining infrastructure, occasional lack of liquidity and complexity that makes newcomers wary. Danny Kim, Head of Growth at SFOX, one of the few prime traders in the space, smooths the way for individuals and institutions to buy and hold Bitcoin. Danny joins Charlie this week to talk about why he left his cush job in traditional finance and braved telling his Korean parents he was wading into crypto. Danny talks about how the crypto trading space is evolving and what it means for those who are in the fray and those who want to join, whether they’re trading experts or not. Danny has made it his mission to not only grow SFOX but also to educate people and to offer the kind of customer service that makes crypto more welcoming and easier on newcomers who want to take part in the crypto revolution.

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