May 6, 2022

Legally Protecting Bitcoin with Jason Brett

Legally Protecting Bitcoin with Jason Brett
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Today, my guest is Jason Brett, Founder and CEO of Value Technology Foundation. Value Technology Foundation is a DC nonprofit think tank dedicated to blockchain advocacy, education, research and development, and advocacy. Jason has extensive experienced with blockchain and has made presentations to several U.S. government agencies and regulatory bodies. Prior to becoming the founder of Value Technology Foundation, Jason was the Director of Operations at the Digital Chambers of Commerce. He was also a Policy Director for ConsenSys. While serving as Policy Director for the blockchain technology company ConsenSys, he was responsible for their domestic and international policy during a critical period of its growth. He has worked in both the Division of Finance and Capital Markets during the height of the 2008-2009 global financial crisis at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Additionally, he has extensive experience in developing and implementing successful governmental affairs programs for various companies, including clients of Key Bridge Advisors. He is also a contributor who writes on policy issues related to cryptocurrency and blockchain. Jason holds an M.B.A. from American University and a Bachelor’s degree from Cornell University. We discuss various topics ranging from a Bitcoin Constitutional Amendment, the Bitcoin Voting Block, Bitcoin/Crypto Regulation, and much more. We began our conversation by discussing why Jason believes it is necessary to pass a constitutional amendment codifying the right for people to own and control their Bitcoin. We discuss the importance of protecting people from the overreach of government and the American ideals that are present in Bitcoin. Our conversation transitions to focus on the growing Bitcoin Voting Block. We discuss the increasing number of constituents becoming single-issue voters about Bitcoin and Crypto. We also discuss the increasing number of politicians that are pro-Bitcoin and pro-Crypto. We discuss how these politicians are fighting to protect the industry. Our next conversation topic focused on the recent executive order, and its possible impact on the industry. We discuss how the current executive order was focused mainly on gathering information that could impact potential legislation in the future. We discuss the benefits of the American political system compared to countries like China. Our final conversation centered around BIP 119 and trying to make changes to Bitcoin. We discuss why the process should be challenging to change Bitcoin. Please enjoy my conversation with Jason Brett.