Aug. 26, 2022

How to get a Crypto Job with Lacey Kaelani

How to get a Crypto Job with Lacey Kaelani
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Today’s guest is Lacey Kaelani, the founder of Metaintro. Metaintro is a professional resume wallet for web3. Utilising the Flow Blockchain and NFT technology, users can access their wallets through a browser extension, which can then be used to interact with web3 job applications. The wallet holds certifications, proof of work, and credentials, reducing the hiring time. Lacey is a two-time founder, previously co-founding a professional network for media & entertainment called Casting Depot. Currently, she’s the founder of Metaintro. Before founding her own company, she worked in casting departments at various studios in the Entertainment industry, including MTV, Nickelodeon, and A+E Network. We discuss various topics in the episode, including Metaintro, the crypto job market, advice for joining the crypto space, the entertainment industry, and much more. We begin our conversation with Lacey sharing her experience starting a casting company for the entertainment industry and how that information helped her in her current startup, Metaintro. Lacey explains the various outdated practices that plague the entertainment industry and how some of these issues mirror the issues people face when trying to hire someone in the crypto space. We discuss how she initially became involved in crypto and what attracted her to Web3. Our following conversation focused on Metaintro. Lacey outlines the thesis behind it and their North Star, guiding how they develop the project, explaining why their goal is to replace PDF resumes with wallet-based resumes. We discuss the most popular jobs in Web3 and how the nontechnical side is exploding with opportunities. Lacey shares tips for people looking to hire talent and advice for people looking to join the crypto space. We had an exciting conversation discussing why headhunters and recruiters are antithetical to crypto’s ethos and why they will eventually fall out of fashion within crypto. We also discuss the incredible growth of Metaintro’s community and the stickiness of their community. Metaintro is a community-first company, and it is exciting to hear how powerful a resource is for a crypto-native company. We also discuss the dynamics within the web3 job market that empowers employees and employers in a mutually beneficial way. We also had a fascinating discussion about the future of web3 native worker unions and the possible implications this would have on the space by creating a standard of best practices for crypto-native companies. We also touch on the continued growth of the crypto job market even through the bear market. Bear markets are for building, so it is no surprise that companies and protocols are still hungry for talent. One of our final topics focuses on the debate around privacy and the degree of access to someone’s credentials. We discuss how Web3 can enable a more privacy-centric approach for job seekers without compromising their ability to share their work history and portfolio with prospective employers. Our final discussion topic centered around the future of web3 and the nomenclature used to describe the space. This was a great discussion; anyone interested in understanding the job market dynamics of web3 or looking to join the space must listen. Please enjoy my conversation with Lacey Kaelani.


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