Dec. 1, 2020

How to Become a Better Trader with David Waslen & HedgeTrade

How to Become a Better Trader with David Waslen & HedgeTrade

David Waslen explains what is HedgeTrade, how they are helping people become better traders, and the future of the Derivatives Market

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My guest today is David Waslen, CEO of Rublix. Rublix is a software development company focused on Fintech fueled by blockchain technology, their first decentralized project is HedgeTrade. HedgeTrade is a crypto prediction social marketplace, where traders can post trading predictions and are rewarded if their information/prediction was accurate. HedgeTrade accomplishes this by holding forecasters accountable through immutable blockchain records and the unique smart contract staking model. David Waslen has a background in venture capital and private equity with extensive experience managing growing businesses. The Topics we discussed included what is HedgeTrade, why derivatives markets are important for the growth of crypto, the incentive model and the token economics of HedgeTrade, Singapore becoming the new global Financial Capital and much more.



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