June 15, 2021

How Secure Is Your Data? with Saswata Basu

How Secure Is Your Data? with Saswata Basu

Saswata Basu, CEO and co-founder of 0Chain, discusses decentralized cloud storage, what makes 0Chain unique, the importance of securing your data, how to monetize your data, and much more.

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My guest today is Saswata Basu, CEO and co-founder of 0Chain. 0Chain provides automated data privacy compliance, continuous protection, and secured sharing for your application. 0Chain is near-impossible to breach, has an immutable data ledger to resolve disputes, conduct audits, and eliminate data liability. In addition, 0Chain enables secure data sharing between customers, partners, internal groups, and employees. The platform extends private data usage in smart contract applications on blockchain platforms such as Hyperledger and Ethereum with simple API interfaces and can provide such integration with any smart contract blockchains. Saswata Basu is a serial entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in Privacy, Data Security, Distributed Systems, Secured Sharing, Blockchain, AI, IoT, Cloud, Wireless. Experience spans roles with Intel, Harris, Nortel, Aviat, and Energous. MS and PhD in EE from UCLA. Our discussion centered around decentralized cloud storage and how 0Chain is disrupting the cloud storage industry. We also discuss why 0Chain is an ideal NFT hosting platform and innovative ways creators can monetize on their platform. The conversation also touches on how farmers monetize their data, the importance of security and our experiences being sim swapped, how 0Chain started, and much more.



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