Aug. 26, 2021

Folding into Financial Freedom with Will Reeves

Folding into Financial Freedom with Will Reeves

Will Reeves, Founder and CEO of Fold, discusses Fold, Bitcoin and financial agency, product design, and much more.

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My guest today is Will Reeves, Found and CEO of Fold. Fold is a rewards app where users can earn bitcoin back on every purchase. Fold offers bitcoin cashback via its Visa debit card and mobile application. Fold enables its customers to earn bitcoin on everything they do: spending, saving and investing. Cardholders can win up to 100% back on every purchase, or even a whole bitcoin. Fold is excited to open access to its bitcoin cashback debit card to all U.S. residents. Instead of offering points or airline miles typically found in most card programs, Fold provides bitcoin rewards through a gamified experience that emphasizes healthy financial habits. Fold Cardholders can earn variable rewards by spinning a rewards wheel after each qualifying purchase, like earning 100% of their purchase back in bitcoin, or even winning a whole bitcoin, which ten users have done to date. The Fold app, now available on Android and iOS, allows shoppers to earn bitcoin rewards back (up to 20%) on credit card and lightning purchases when shopping at merchants like Amazon, Target, Starbucks, Uber, Airbnb, and more. Users can spend these rewards on their next purchase, save for later use, or withdraw to a personal wallet. Will is a well known tech entrepreneur with expertise in developing payments solutions. Prior to founding Fold, Will worked as Head of Payments at Thesis. He has also worked as a Venture Lead at A3Ventures and Co-founder of Membo. Of note, Will also was part of the early team that brought the Google Store to market, and he led the vision for the cult project, Lightning Pizza, the first real-world service using the bitcoin Lightning Network that allows customers to order Dominos Pizza anywhere in the U.S. with bitcoin. This interview is a masterclass for anyone interested in product design and user experience. Will and I discuss how Fold is making Bitcoin more approachable, why earning Bitcoin is the best way to accumulate Bitcoin, building on lightning, and much more. Will discusses how he thinks about product design and the importance of UI/UX design in providing world-class experience to the end-user. We discuss the various features of Fold and how a couple of users have even won whole 1 Bitcoin. We also discuss the importance of sovereign money and financial agency. We finish our discussion talking about the philosophy and community behind Bitcoin. There is an absolute wealth of knowledge in this conversation. please enjoy my conversation with Will Reeves.



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