July 5, 2022

Finding Meaning in Crypto with Kyle Kemper

Finding Meaning in Crypto with Kyle Kemper

Kyle Kemper, a serial entrepreneur, discusses Bitcoin, the Crypto Community, Crypto’s Cultural Impact, Disrupting Corporate Governance, and much more.

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Today's guest is my friend, Kyle Kemper, a self-starting entrepreneur, bitcoin, crypto evangelist, and author. He is currently Chief Alchemist at Raze. The RAZE fintech platform enables users to tokenize and fractionalize shares, royalties, and distributions empowering you to self-fundraise quickly and safely using our flagship Dynamic Security Tokens (DSTs). He is also the co-host of the Miami Crypto Experience. He is known to be intellectually curious with a strong understanding of the crypto industry, decentralization, and transformation. Kyle has a long history working with Executives, Investors, Marketing, Compliance & Product teams. He prides himself on being an open communicator, storyteller, speaker, and presenter. He has over nine years of experience in business development, marketing, and communication with crypto & high-growth consumer-facing tech companies. We discuss various topics, including Bitcoin, the Crypto Community, Crypto’s Cultural Impact, Disrupting Corporate Governance, and much more. We begin our conversation by discussing the importance of incorporating joy and happiness into our daily lives—Kyle shares how he is able to not take himself too seriously. We discuss how crypto has finally pierced the cultural zeitgeist of mainstream culture. We discuss how everyday people are excited about crypto and how it permeates general conversation. Our following conversation topic was Kyle’s journey down the crypto rabbit hole. Kyle shares what attracted him to crypto and how various life experiences led him to crypto. We go on to discuss what makes Bitcoin such a revolutionary idea. Our next conversation topic centered around network participation. We discuss how the Doge community is one of the most vibrant communities in crypto. Kyle shares why Doge is an excellent introductory crypto for people looking to understand the basic principles of crypto. We transition to discuss the topic of self-custody and not your keys and not your crypto. We discuss the improvement of crypto wallets. Kyle also shares why he believes improving the UX/UI of wallets will help unlock crypto’s true potential. We discuss the impact of a universal unified crypto wallet. Our next conversation topic centered around product development. Kyle advises when you are launching a product to have the least amount of features possible and once you have a large enough user base, begin adding features slowly. Kyle shares why this is vital for gaining traction as an early company. We pivot our conversation to discuss UX/UI design. We discuss how designers and product people are only just entering the space. Kyle discusses how these people will drive adoption by making crypto more user-friendly and intuitive. We pivot to discuss self-actualization. Kyle stresses the need for a solid community to help oneself to self-actualize. One of the benefits of crypto is the strong community associated with being a part of the space. Our next conversation topic centered around the Kempler Clifford Formula. Kyle explains how anyone can use this simple formula to determine how much Bitcoin you need to own to protect yourself if you experience hyperbitcoinization. We finish our conversation to discuss how blockchain will help create direct democracy and fight against centralized tyranny. Please enjoy my conversation with Kyle Kemper.


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