Nov. 8, 2022

Empowering Web3 Brands with Tara Fung

Empowering Web3 Brands with Tara Fung
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Today’s guest is Tara Fung, the Co-Founder, and CEO of Co:Create. Co:Create provides the foundational infrastructure for decentralized brands of the future. It enables projects to mint NFTs and launch their own DAOs and fungible tokens associated with their collections. These services expand individual communities, incentivize dApp ecosystems' growth, and decentralize project governance. The Co:Create protocol will provide the tooling to support these communities in achieving their full potential. She previously served as chief revenue officer of Alto, a cryptoIRA and digital asset IRA custodian, and chief commercial officer of CommonBond. She graduated from Harvard Business School and the University of South Carolina. We discuss various topics, including Co:Create, Web3, tokenomics, NFTs, branding, and much more. We began our conversation by focusing on how Tara got introduced to crypto and fell down the crypto rabbit hole. We discuss the role of crypto in someone’s broader portfolio and what is preventing institutional investors from jumping into crypto. Tara discusses the explosion of interest in the alternative investment sector from individuals who are not accredited investors. Tara shares how the legal designation of crypto as property has allowed retail investors to gain access to the crypto space. We transition to discuss Co:Create. Tara shares what excites her about NFTs and how Co:Create is helping facilitate Web3 brands engage with their community by providing them with the necessary infrastructure to build their brands. Tara explains how loyalty programs can be transformed with tokens. Our next conversation topic centered around what are the significant reasons preventing traditional brands from embracing web3. Tara explains what is token-gated-commerce and how that will disrupt the brand and consumer relationship. Tara also discusses some best practices for tokenonomics. We also touch on the power of DAOs and how we can improve the governance process for DAOs. Our final topic centered around Gaming and Web3. Tara explains the importance of game design and the role of tokens within web3 native games. Please enjoy my conversation with Tara Fung.


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