Feb. 1, 2022

Disrupting the NFT Space with Anthony Georgiades

Disrupting the NFT Space with Anthony Georgiades
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My guest today is Anthony Georgiades, the Co-founder of Pastel. Pastel Network is the first fully dedicated, decentralized digital art platform allowing users to register, store, and trade ‘provably rare’ assets. The network is a fork from Z-cash, running the Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm Equihash and also supports Masternodes from Dash, which provide computational resources to the network to support asset registration, distribution, and permanent storage. Pastel gives creators a way to connect with their fans by selling limited edition NFTs that can be registered and traded on Pastel's blockchain without the high fees of other NFT platforms. Create timeless collections, build a following of loyal fans, and earn perpetual royalties on future sales. Anthony Georgiades is also a General Partner at Innovating Capital, a technology fund focused on disruptive companies and digital assets. Innovating Capital has incubated Pastel Network since day one. Anthony previously spent time on the investment team at First Round Capital and on the operations teams of various startups. He studied finance, management, and computer science at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton and engineering schools. In our conversation we discuss a variety of topics centered around Web3, a few major topics included Pastel Network, the technology behind NFTs, the value proposition of Web3, and much more. We begin our conversation by discussing the Pastel Network. Anthony breaks down how Pastel is disrupting the NFT space. We discuss how Pastel combined the various innovations from other blockchains and combined them to create a truly revolutionary NFT platform with the goal of storing the value on their platform for the next 100 years. Our conversation shifts slightly to discuss why the biggest problem facing the NFT space is how NFTs are stored and how Pastel has created the first fully decentralized storage solution. Our conversation becomes very interesting when we begin discussing the future use cases of NFTs and why NFTs will be ubiquitous throughout society. Another very important discussion topic was how the technology behind NFTs. Anthony does an excellent job at explaining why the technology is so revolutionary and how the technology works at a technical level. We also discuss the value proposition of Web3 and the importance of decentralization. Anthony explains why VCs are fundamental to the value creation process and why they are needed for the continued innovation process of technology. Our final discussion topic centered around what are the best investing practices he follows and advice he would give to people looking to invest in crypto projects. Please enjoy my conversation with Anthony Georgiades.



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