Sept. 1, 2022

Community and Web 3 Marketing Strategies with Amanda Cassatt

Community and Web 3 Marketing Strategies with Amanda Cassatt
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Today’s guest is Amanda Cassatt, Founder and CEO of Serotonin. Serotonin is the leading crypto marketing practice, with over 40 employees worldwide, supporting the top teams pushing the decentralization movement forward. With expertise spanning DeFi, DAOs, and NFTs, Serotonin supports premier projects like IPFS, major brands like Sotheby's, and everything in between. Serotonin is the leading web3 marketing firm specializing in companies both native and new to web3. Their services take products and brands to market with brand positioning, visual design, content, PR, community, growth, events, and more. In addition to marketing services, Serotonin has invested in creating an in-house product and engineering team that builds and spins out software companies. The first such spinout is Mojito, the NFT commerce suite that is the top choice by major brands and rights holders for engaging in d-commerce on web3. Amanda is an explorer of technology, economics, and culture. An early crypto entrepreneur, Amanda brought Ethereum to market as ConsenSys' Chief Marketing Officer from 2016 through 2019. During that time, Amanda also created Ethereal, the crypto cultural event series that hosted some of the first NFT galleries and popularized Ethereum from SXSW to Davos. After working on Ethereum through its initial growth period, she co-founded Serotonin. Amanda currently serves as CEO of Serotonin and President of Mojito. We discuss various topics, including Marketing within Web3, Building Decentralized Brands, ConsenSys, Crypto Twitter, Community, and more. We begin our conversation by discussing what content someone new to the space should consume. Amanda stresses the importance of immersing yourself in Crypto Twitter and how Twitter is the best place to learn about recent trends and concepts at the forefront of crypto. We discuss the value proposition of web3 social networks and the benefits from a censorship-resistant and audience portability standpoint. Amanda explains the platform risks that persist throughout traditional social networks and how web3 allows creators to have more autonomy. Our next conversation topic was centered around Amanda’s time working at ConsenSys. She shares how while at ConsenSys was able to spearhead many of the marketing practices now widely used throughout the crypto industry. Amanda explains how Serotonin is helping many Web 3 companies go to market and figure out the best way to grow their brand, engage with their audience and navigate web 3. We discuss the importance of community and how the strength of a crypto project’s community is vital for its success. Amanda shares nuances to help evaluate the value of a project’s community better to assess the project’s long-term viability. Our final conversation topic focused on the role of marketing within Web 3. Amanda explains why there will always be a need for marketing in Web 3. She also details how as a project matures, the need for marketing becomes less critical because of the incentives that exist within crypto innately. Please enjoy my conversation with Amanda Cassatt.


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