Jan. 19, 2021

Can the Power of Community build a Credit Score for Crypto?

Can the Power of Community build a Credit Score for Crypto?

Patrick Stanley, Found and CEO of Freehold, discusses the user-staker model, what is a Hodl Score, what is money and much more.

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My guest today is Patrick Stanley, Founder & CEO of Freehold. Freehold is a community of cryptocurrency stakeholders focused on furthering the reputation, usefulness, and mission of their respective holdings. The Freehold model rewards hodlers who take an active role in educating, building, and growing within their community, and is designed so technical and non-technical holders can become real stakeholders in the rise of a movement. This is a must listen for those interested in understanding the user-staker model but also community building more generally. In our conversation, we cover how Freehold is pioneering a new business model by leveraging community, what is proof of hodl and how it can act like a crypto credit score, the evolution of the crypto community and much more. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Patrick Stanley. 


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