July 28, 2022

Building the Web3 AWS with Jesse Berger

Building the Web3 AWS with Jesse Berger

Jesse Berger, serial Entrepreneur/technologist, discusses PKT, Decentralized Networks, Internet Infrastructure, the Film/Entertainment Industry, and much more.

Today’s guest is Jesse Berger, serial Entrepreneur/technologist. Jesse is a Founding PKT community member and has raised over $300 million for films that generated over $850m in global revenue. PKT is a decentralized high-speed data network that enables anyone to monetize their unused internet bandwidth. Powered by PacketCrypt, the world’s first bandwidth-hard proof-of-work, people who connect to the PKT Network are paid in PKT Cash (PKT) every 60 seconds. PKT provides an economic incentive for people to grow internet connectivity and infrastructure with minimal technical knowledge. PKT Pal is a technology company building turnkey hardware and software solutions that support the open source PKT blockchain project. PKT Pal’s first product is the PKT Cube, a plug-and-play mining device with innovative features that allows people with minimal technical knowledge to monetize their unused internet bandwidth. PKT Cube features include a PKT hardware wallet and the ability to earn PKT Cash every 60 seconds and send and receive PKT payments using a mobile device. Future functionality includes connecting to a user’s home network from anywhere in the world via VPN, being paid to share wifi access with neighbors securely, and access to a variety of DApps for streaming, gaming, and more. We discuss various topics, including PKT, Decentralized Networks, Internet Infrastructure, the Film/Entertainment Industry, and much more. We begin our conversation by discussing Jesse’s background in the film and entertainment industry. We discuss how a lot of the success of a movie comes down to luck. Jesse explains how many moving parts go into making a successful movie and how everything needs to go just right for a film to be a commercial success. Jesse discusses how the entertainment industry's inequity and lack of transparency opened his eyes to the need for an alternative system. Jesse explains the business of films. We discuss the process of selling a movie to a studio and the various hurdles and problems filmmakers and actors face during the process. This eventually brought him to crypto and web3. We transitioned our conversation to discuss the PKT network and the PKT cube. Jesse explains how the PKT network works and the origins of how the PKT network was developed. We discuss the enormous TAM for internet infrastructure and the need for a censorship-resistant way to access the internet. We discuss how our internet bandwidth is a commodity that isn’t fully utilized to its full potential and how PKT helps unlock this potential. We transitioned to discuss the PKT cube. Jesse explains how the PKT cube enables an easy on-ramp to the PKT network for people looking for a dedicated device that can be used to participate in the network. But Jesse stresses that unlike many of their competitors, the Cube is not necessary to participate in the network. Jesse explains how a user can elect to use a regular computer instead of the Cube. Another fascinating topic we discussed was how the tech protects the users from the liability of the actions of the people using PKT. We transitioned to discuss the use of NFTs in entertainment. We discuss how NFTs are the perfect medium for facilitating content rights ownership. Jesse explains how NFTs can be used to disrupt the monetization of various content mediums. Our final discussion topic centered around the future of the PKT network. Jesse discusses how they are thinking about scaling the infrastructure by building layers on top of PKT to enable more functionality. We discuss how PKT could bring smart contracts and NFTs to the PKT ecosystem and much more. Please enjoy my conversation with Jesse Berger.


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