April 27, 2021

Building the financial system of tomorrow with Jason Blick

Building the financial system of tomorrow with Jason Blick

Jason Blick Director and CEO of EQIBank and the Chairman of EQIFI, discusses the systemic risks that persist within the legacy financial system, how DeFi is tackling these problems, what role do banks play in DeFi, why DeFi will continue grow exponentially and much more.

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My guest today is my friend Jason Blick, Director and CEO of EQIBank and the Chairman of EQIFI. EQIBank is a global, digital bank and financial services organization for corporations and High-Net-Worth Individuals. They serve clients through three global businesses: Private Banking, Commercial Banking, and Digital Asset Custody. With EQIBank, the clients are empowered to bank globally from one digital bank. EQIFI is a decentralized protocol for pooled lending, borrowing, and investing for ETH, ERC-20 tokens including wBTC, Stablecoins, and select fiat currencies. It provides a single uniform platform for DeFi products with access to bank accounts, custody, debit and credit cards, OTC, and wealth management. Jason Blick is a qualified UK attorney who went on to manage legal and compliance in over 90 countries for Sun Microsystems, overseeing upwards of €1.5 billion per year in transactions. He later became the CEO of Financial Partners Bank, with over 12,000 clients and $1.2 billion AUA. He is also the founder of Cayman Enterprise City, the Cayman Commodities and Derivative Exchange, and served on the board of the Cayman Islands Government Special Economic Zone Authority. In our discussion, we cover how legacy financial system is structured and the inherent systemic risks that exist within the system, how DeFi is building a more fundamentally sound financial infrastructure, how will Banks interact with DeFi, why DeFi will continue to grow exponentially, the moral obligation within crypto and much more.



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