Aug. 11, 2022

Building an Army of Fans with Sarah Figueroa

Building an Army of Fans with Sarah Figueroa

Sarah Figueroa, CEO, and co-founder of Geojam, discusses Geojam, the future of the creator economy, Web3 and NFTs, tokenomics, and much more.

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Today’s guest is Sarah Figueroa, CEO, and co-founder of Geojam. Geojam is a social engagement platform that generates meaningful and passion-fueled engagement between fans and creators. Their vision is to build the creator economy of the future that redirects the flow of incentives back into the hands of the creators and users themselves. Geojam has been a bridge for fans to engage directly with artists, athletes, and influencers such as Mariah Carey, Machine Gun Kelly, and Nyjah Huston. With the inception of their token, $JAM, they combine the technological advancements of decentralized finance with real-world experiences while interweaving the ethos of autonomous decentralized communities and mainstream social networking. Sarah Figueroa is the CEO and co-founder of Geojam. Sarah is a serial entrepreneur with ten years of experience building and designing consumer tech companies centered around social media, entertainment, and the community. She has been recognized in the New York Times for Geojam’s pivot during the pandemic and is a Rolling Stone Culture Council member. Sarah is extremely passionate about community governance and decentralization; as an early adopter of Ethereum, she has been mining crypto since 2016. At Geojam, she leads a fifteen-person team on product, marketing, and token utility. Before founding Geojam, Sarah founded One Box Agency, a creative agency for Brands, Events, and Talent. They produced groundbreaking 360˚ marketing experiences that ignited consumers to turn up the volume on a brand's story. We discuss various topics, including Geojam, the future of the creator economy, Web3 and NFTs, tokenomics, and much more. We begin our conversation by discussing how Sarah found her way to crypto. We discussed our passion for the crypto community and what compelled her to start a crypto-based social media company. We discuss how Geojam evolved and transitioned to become a fully crypto-native company. We transition our conversation to discuss how Geojam is a community-first platform. Sarah explains how Geojam enables creators and their fans to further engage by helping creators design their merch line, where they should go on tour, organizing events together, and much more. Sarah details how Geojam is a decentralized mobile first governance tool. Sarah explains how these creators and the community can participate in governance by proposing ideas seamlessly and frictionlessly. We pivot to discuss Geojam’s collaboration with Mariah Carey, where a fan had the opportunity to go on her private jet with Mariah. Sarah explains why creators are incentivized to use Geojam and the insights they gain from their audience using the platform. We transition to discuss the process of designing Geojam’s tokenomics and the benefit of creating a token to engage with your community. Sarah explains Geojam’s goal to become the hub for communities by building tools and a decentralized hub for community members to engage with each other. We discuss how Web3 can help emerging artists develop their community and fanbase. We discuss the power of superfans and how Geojam enables them to be as involved as possible. Our final discussion topic centered around utility. We discuss the importance of utility to tokens and more potential applications for NFTs and how the use of NFTs may evolve. Please enjoy my conversation with Sarah Figueroa.


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