June 2, 2021

Bitcoin and the media with Lina Seiche

Bitcoin and the media with Lina Seiche

Lina Seiche, the Managing Director of the BTC Times, discusses being a Bitcoiner, The BTC Times and their mission, the uniqueness of Bitcoin's origin story, the importance of Satohi's anonymity, and much more.

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My guest today is Lina Seiche, the Managing Director of the BTC Times. The BTC Times delivers high quality coverage focused on Bitcoin from an economic, technical, social, and political angle. The BTC Times counters the news that prioritize clicks over accuracy, with the facts that set the record straight. In comprehensive, authentic coverage, we seek to capture the impact of Bitcoin and how it is transforming the future of money. Lina is not only the Managing Director of the BTC Times but she’s also on the editorial board. In our conversation, we cover being an open Bitcoiner and the constant debate around Bitcoin in the mainstream media, the allure and dangers of CBDCs for the general public, why Bitcoin’s origin story cannot be recreated, and the importance of Satoshi’s anonymity. We also discuss The BTC Times and their mission to provide quality journalism to the Bitcoin space, how to find credible sources in Crypto, and Elon’s feud with Crypto Twitter. We end out discussion on how everyone has a unique journey to Bitcoin, the Bitcoin community, and how everyone can play a role in the Bitcoin ecosystem. Please enjoy my conversation with Lina Seiche



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