Aug. 19, 2021

Becoming Anti-Fragile with Aaron Gooding

Becoming Anti-Fragile with Aaron Gooding

Aaron Gooding, Founder and CEO of F.I.T. CONCEPTS, discusses the importance of accountability, how to overcome adversity, the impact of COVID on society, and much more.

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My guest today is my friend Aaron Gooding, Founder and CEO of F.I.T. CONCEPTS, a verticalized fitness company focused on helping people achieve their fitness goals. He was pushed to start a fitness company out of his immense passion for helping others overcome the difficulties associated with health, fitness, and lifestyle change. Aaron's journey is very inspiring and is clear why he is passionate about helping others build a better version of themselves. In 2007, he was involved in a horrific car accident that ended in the death of a completely innocent individual and his incarceration in the Florida Department of Corrections. It was here, in prison, that he says he found a passion and new direction in life. Aaron spent the majority of the nine years that he was incarcerated rebuilding himself by focusing his efforts to learn and put into practice as much as he could about Health, Fitness, and Personal Development. After Aaron was released from prison in 2017, he enrolled in various programs to become a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. His collective education allows him to provide an all encompassing service to his clients that bridges the gap between Personal Training and Nutritional Coaching. He has a thriving business and amazing personal life, his story is truly inspiring. In our discussion, we focus on the importance of accountability, starting from zero, the impact of COVID on society, and much more. Aaron talks about the importance of extreme ownership and why taking accountability is the first step to getting your life together. We go on to discuss the importance of being comfortable with being uncomfortable and fighting through adversity is a vital component of success. Aaron shares a list of books that have helped him on his personal development journey. Our conversation led us to discuss the impact of COVID on society and the current mental-health epidemic. We finish our conversation by discussing how ones attitude impacts your success but more importantly your daily life. This episode is full with so many great insights and a lot of awesome life advice. Please enjoy my conversation with Aaron Gooding.



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