Dec. 20, 2022

An Honest Look at Bitcoin & The Crypto Landscape with Haseeb Awan

An Honest Look at Bitcoin & The Crypto Landscape with Haseeb Awan

Haseeb Awan, the founder and CEO of Efani, discusses Efani, Privacy vs Security, Crypto and Bitcoin, and much more.

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I caught my friend Haseeb in a tough moment. He is getting ready to leave the Crypto community in Puerto Rico and move back to California. He seems frustrated with things. I started the show by asking him why?

Today’s guest is Haseeb Awan, the founder and CEO of Efani. Efani is the most secure Telecommunication Service that guarantees protection against any kind of SIM port-out hacks, encrypts your personal information & backs it with a $5M Insurance coverage. Efani operates on America’s #1 5G Network that covers 99% of Americans. In addition, they also offer complimentary Wi-Fi calling so users can even make calls in spotty locations. They also provide military-grade verification, 24*7 support, and 5M insurance coverage per person.Haseeb is working on solving complicated financial & economical problems with the help of technology. He has a track record of two successful business exits, raising over 100M in venture capital & growing the customer base from 0-4 Million users & expanding the business globally into 15 countries across 4 continents within 18 months. He has been included among the top 100 influential people in FINTECH globally, won multiple international awards, wrote for and is mentioned on multiple international media & frequently speaks at international conferences & government committees. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering and a Masters Degree in Engineering Management. He also has studied Financial Markets from Yale University & actively holds Project Management Professional (PMP) designation. He is also a Y-Combinator & Next Founder Alumni. He was an early Bitcoiner. His career in crypto started when he co-founded the Bitcoin ATM company 6 years ago & installed the first bitcoin ATM in Toronto, New York, San Francisco, Montreal Ottawa & 50 other major cities in 15 countries among 4 continents within 18 months. He has personally invested in 30+ companies & advising over 10 companies on branding, marketing & sales. We began our conversation by discussing the philosophical ethos of people who are in crypto. We discuss how some of the major narratives in crypto have been co-opted. Haseeb discusses the hypocrisy that permeates a lot of the crypto industry and why that frustrates him. Haseeb stresses the importance of the crypto industry to begin producing useful and needed products. We discuss the general shortcomings in the privacy and security industry. Haseeb explains the importance for startups to align incentives and offer an overwhelming amount of value to succeed. Haseeb stresses that people will always choose the path that is most convenient. We discuss how the crypto industry can find its way back to its core tenants. Our final conversation centered around advice for the listeners on how to improve their lives. Haseeb stresses the importance of not overly optimizing one's life. We discuss how to take full advantage of 2023.