March 10, 2022

A Passage Into the Metaverse with Arel and Lex Avellino

A Passage Into the Metaverse with Arel and Lex Avellino
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My guests today are Arel and Lex Avellino, co-founders of Three Division, the company behind Passage and Strange Clan. Three Division builds next-level visual and interactive content. Their team's strange blend of artists and developers has allowed them to create everything from 3D animation and VFX to custom blockchain applications and interactive virtual worlds for online events. Passage is a metaverse platform with the goal of making an accessible and customizable 3D world for video chat, presentations, collaboration, and e-commerce.

Every Passage experience comes with these standard features: 3-D Worlds, Immersive Video\\ Chat, Presentation/Panels and Screen Sharing/Streaming. The base cost gets the users Passage world up-and-running on a custom domain. Uses can use the space for one-off events or an ongoing virtual location. Strange Clan is one of the most ambitious NFT projects in the world, certainly the most advanced in all of the IBC networks. The Strange Clan is a story-driven community-based game where users can farm, craft, quest, and earn. The world of Strange Clan is being built in the Passage Metaverse, powered by Akash Network and the Cosmos ecosystem. The graphics of the game are powered by the Unreal Engine.

We discuss a variety of different topics including Passage, Strange Clan, the future of Metaverse, Play to Earn, and the future of human communication. We begin our conversation by discussing the Passage and the future of the Metaverse. Lex and Arel discuss what led them to build Passage. We also discuss disrupting the video conferencing and building a platform for online communities and events. We go on to discuss the technology behind Passage that makes their Metaverse possible. We transition to discuss the Metaverse more broadly. We discuss why they decided to build on the Cosmos SDK and the importance of building a public Metaverse. We discuss how we envision the Metaveres evolving and becoming an all encompassing part of our lives. Our next conversation topic centered around Strange Clan and Play to Earn. Lex and Arel discuss how they’ve designed Strange Clan to be a game first. We discuss Strange Clan’s in-game economic dynamics and how this will enhance the gaming experience. We go on to discuss Play to Earn. Lex and Arel dispel the arguments against Play to Earn. We also discuss why they decided to build Strange Clan as a MMORPG and why they refer to Strange Clan as a Play to Own. We discuss the parallels between Strange Clan and RuneScape. We discuss the backstory of Strange Clan. Lex and Arel discuss the importance of gaming to the Metaverse.

Our final discussion centered around community building. We discuss the future of online communities. We discuss how the Metaverse will revolutionize human communication and connection. Please enjoy my conversation with Arel and Lex Avellino.


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